Tiffany Spears (tiffany_spears) wrote,
Tiffany Spears

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Ice and me dont mix

I have to funniest story to tell u all

On Monday i parked my car on a sheet of ice but i was the only spot left but i didnt really think anything of it because i figured it would melt by the time i came back out. Well I was very wrong. I when out to put some things in the car so i opened up the trunk and the next thing i knew i was half under my car. And then i jumped and ripping off my coat and asked my friend if i was bleeding. She thought that all of this was too hilarious so she didnt respond for a little bit. Not to many people saw me do this but still it was quite embarrassing. Well i dont seem that funny now but i guess u had to be there. But i hope u all get a giggle out of this
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If you were hurt, I'd feel bad, but since your not...I can't help but say HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH that is soooo sooooo funny!AHAHAHHA! I would have loved to see it! haha! HAHAHHAH! Im glad your okay... :D

-chrissi <- loves laughing at the expense of others! in a loving, caring way, of course! :D
i didnt get a really big black and blue mark on my elbow
:( you busted your veins open! ahhhhhhhhhh

-chrissi <- loves veins, don't abuse them
awwww, poor tiffy.. glad I wasn't there or I'd have to laugh and that would be sad :(

I must agree that if I was there, I would've laughed hyterically. I do feel bad..but you didn't get hurt to bad, only bruised, so I'm still allowed to laugh. :D Haha, it's my amusement of the day!

aww, I'm sorry. I hope your bruise feels better soon. Next time, wear spike heels. Those little puppies will chip through the slippiest of ices.

<3 Mandy