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Hey guys it was great seeeing you all again i have to many exciting this to talk about. lets see where to start. That was so horrible that we have been having christmas dinner at the same place forever and i never realized that the walls were all prickily. Then i finally got the guts to make a jurassic park 5 and the freakin woman takes away from me all snotty what was up with that. i took that as a personal offense. But then we made another what a determined child i am lol. that was much more fun it was more the size that jurassic park should be and chrissi added her personal touches.
Chrissi that stuffed sheep u have was way hot and it was even hotter when we found out that benji had a sheep tatoo on his leg. i cant wait to get ur stickers in the mail.
Thanks to everyone for goin on a search with me for the cheapest yeast infection around. that was so much fun i cant wait to fill u all in on if u start to wear it u cant turn back. so keep lookin for a later post titled yeast infection results.


if i missed anything let me know and ill post about it
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