Tiffany Spears (tiffany_spears) wrote,
Tiffany Spears


Yesterday i went midnite bowling with some friends. They taught me how to really bowl. i didnt do as well as usual but i was doin it the right way minus the foot back thing. Then i got yelled at for the walking up on people thing. I was like dudes we r midnite bowling i think that is the least of these people concerns. one down side to all this is that i think i have lung cancer. i was the only person in the entire building not smoking i was so hard to breath. I want to go bowling for my birthday everyone so i think the first weekend in may i will be doin so. I want u all to come up for it but i understand if u cant

<3 Tiff <3

PS i met this really cute guy there and we had a great time the only think is i kicked his bum everytime hehe and then once everyone was a little drunk i started to bet them too that was great yet kind of sad that only way i am bet people is if they r drunk lol
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