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Remembering the holiday

Hey guys it was so great to c u all again. The weekend was so eventful. lets recap lol.

friday- We were suppost to skate but we rented out hershey instead that was lots of fun. the little slide was great the and boat thing was mad scary. (i cried) We should go there again when the whole park is open.

Sat- made craziness we didnt know what we were doing but we chilled at nikkis house and had lots of fun watching around in the cold. Then we rented out the bowling alley lot of fun there I won both times so haha in ur faces. The grandma was so rude to us i mean u would think she would be nice to us knowing who were and all but i guess she was to old for that. I totally dont understand how us bowling next to her was distracting. I mean i know we all r beautiful and stuff but she should be a good enough bowler that that doesnt bother her. The was so stuff how she was like i dont mean it to be mean but she said it way bitchy. It was also so funny when chrissi went up and someone said go grandma and the grandma that spazed at us was also up.we can talk about that later if anyone else knows what im talkin about.
Then we watched can't hardley wait at nikkis house and what a great movie. major shout out to Seth Green. But of course Chrissi had to buy porn of her self at blockbuster. what a slut. that pic on the sink was so nasty. Mike Marianna and tony stopped by to watch the movie with us since they didnt go bowling with us. what losers. jk guys i love u.
Tony is a really cool guy but he kind of was worrying be with the lamb.
Chrissi the lamb will be coming out again at christmas time to pounce on u again. Im sorry that i broke u and dano up. Im also very very sorry and the tapping incident.

Well guys my dinner is ready ill post again later.

<3 tiff <3
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