Tiffany Spears (tiffany_spears) wrote,
Tiffany Spears

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shout outs

brit- i didnt get to c u that much with ur concert and work in gerenal but i was cool to be back with my sis again.

Nikki- we spend a lot of time at ur house.

Dano- i m sorry that beat u at bowling

Chrissi- your a whore end of that need i say more

Mike- your dating a 15 year old thats not good for u but if ur happy thats all that matters

Marianna- I didnt get to hang out with u that much but its ok maybe ill c u at christmas time btw how was the concert i didnt really get to talk to u much about it

Melissa- thanx for chilling with us at the bowling alley its makes me feel loved

Tony- I was really nice to meet u r a very interesting person
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