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Phone Sex is not cool

ok guys here is the deal there is this guy chrissi introduced me to online very cool guy love to talk to him but hes not really into cyber sex all he wants is phone sex. Im not into give my phone number out to a stranger just becuase he wants to hear me shove a dildo up my crouch. SO i was thinkin that maybe i should get his number and give him a call on a pay phone the next time i c u all and we can have a little fun with his mind. What do u all think about that?

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I am soooo looking forward to that! bahhahahaha

sounds like a plan I guess! but uh, lets make sure that doesn't get out alright sis? we don't want people thinkin we do random phone sex calls cause uh.. that'd be bad! but yah, definately mess with him! :)

But we do do random phone and cyber sex acts at least i do. But i am kind of nervous about the phone sex thing that is a little worry some for me.
I think that would be absolutely hysterical! It must be a pay phone, or we have to block the number, because I am definitely not letting this random person have my phone number either! ha. I'm excited!

<3 Nik